Sunday, August 14, 2011

My new obsession

I have a new obsession!

In one of my previous blogs I told you about
But over the past two weeks I can't stop buying new & adorable stuff from them.
Here are some things that have caught my eye.

Now everything with a star next to the title of the image,
 I have already purchased or now own!

I'm a photography so keep in mind that most of it involves photography,
or zebra! (:

 Vintage Macbook Pro Laptop Case
 Nerd Herder Wallet**
 Holds all my gadgets
 Business Card Holder [Outside]**
 Inside with different fabric
 Canon Camera Bag**
 Vintage Camera Necklace (1)**
 Vintage Camera Necklace (2)**
 Vintage Camera Ring
 Checkbook holder
 Camera Lens Cap holder**
& Last but not least
Lens Luggage, holds small & large lens

So now that my obsession grows with this website i'm finding more and more things.

Check out the website its AWESOME!

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