Sunday, July 10, 2011

A VERY Zebra Birthday!

So this week Tuesday is my 18th Birthday!

But; Monday my aunt is having her baby.

So we decided to celebrate my birthday a little earlier.
3 days to be exact!
Saturday July 9th @ 5pm

I have been in love with Zebra print for years.
& as a joke we did a Zebra themed birthday.

Here are some pictures of the festivities:

The beginning stages of making a Zebra cake!

Final Product after I decorated it & everything.
*Note I used Cake Boss's Butter cream frosting. (:

When you sliced into the cake, that's what you got!
+ We had to have cupcakes for the little kids.

 A little camera because I <3 Photography + Turquoise.
 All of the cupcakes decorated
Added a little Zebra to each cupcake.

Now time for decorations:

Even my Candles were slightly Zebra:

& My gifts were too!!!!
Camera Case from Etsy & A wallet for camera stuff from Etsy (:
^ Above are some new lenses!
 ^Above my new Camera Bag
 ^My nerd herder wallet from Etsy.
Holds all of my stuff for my camera!

So in the end I had a fabulous birthday with my family & boyfriend.

So thank you to my family for all the amazing work you did & for making my 18th birthday extra Zebra special (:

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