Thursday, June 30, 2011

Red; White & Blue

4th of July weekend is coming up & how do you celebrate?
These pictures are just some memories of every night on the weekend of the Fourth of July!

A traditional family cookout!
with amazing food
Like hot-dogs
or hamburgers

But after dinner there always come dessert!

All desserts are usually designed for the fourth of July

Sometimes as the nights go on people have time to relax & sit around a bonfire.
Smore's are usually a popular thing

Well last but not least the main attraction for the night!
The thing that everyone loves the most!

Well yet my Fourth of July weekend has yet to begin this is just a little note on how to celebrate the holiday the American way (:

I will blog 5 things about my holiday once the time comes!

Hope everyone has an amazing holiday!

Shopping Online?

What website is your favorite for shopping online?

Personally I would have to say Etsy, by far!
Your place to buy and sell all things homemade, vintage & supplies!

If your looking for anything specific this is the place to go, You'll love all the creative ideas they have in store!
 Just click on the website below & join. It is completely worth it!

Here are a list of things they offer:
[Click on any option you see here & it will bring you straight to the site]

What are you allergic to?

Well I had my first allergy test today!
What an experience that was. 120 little needles poked me in my back today and about 40 on my arms, just to find out i'm only allergic to FISH! 
I don't like eating fish anyways; so why all the sudden does it bother me? Only shrimp or lobster which I found out today isn't considered a fish? Who knew!
The main reason is that my weakness is fried chicken. At fast food restaurants they fry their chicken & fish in the same grease/oil! That's why its been bothering me, The fish & chicken have been mixing!

Time to eat my fruits & veggies 24/7!! Goal to lose 10 pounds!

-No greasy foods
-No fried foods

Wish me luck! 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Must Read

The Pact by Jodi Picoult!
A book that no one seems to be able to put down. It's got you guessing whats happening next!?

"The novelist displays an almost uncanny ability to enter the skins of her trouble young protagonists."
- New York Times

The Story Line:
For eighteen years the Hartes and the Golds have lived next door to each other, sharing everything from Chinese food to chicken pox to carpool duty-- they've grown so close it seems they have always been a part of each other's lives. Parents and children alike have been best friends, so it's no surprise that in high school Chris and Emily's friendship blossoms into something more. They've been soul mates since they were born.
So when midnight calls from the hospital come in, no one is ready for the appalling truth: Emily is dead at seventeen from a gunshot wound to the head. There's a single unspent bullet in the gun that Chris took from his father's cabinet-- a bullet that Chris tells police he intended for himself. But a local detective has doubts about the suicide pact that Chris has described.
The profound questions faced by the characters in this heart-rending novel are those we can all relate to: How well do we ever really know our children, our friends? What if…? As its chapters unfold, alternating between an idyllic past and an unthinkable present, The Pact paints an indelible portrait of families in anguish… culminating in an astonishingly suspenseful courtroom drama as Chris finds himself on trial for murder.
**If you want a good book to read during the summer that's easy, not to long & really knows how to get your attention. This book is what you are looking for. 


How to prepare yourself for a day at the beach!

1. Always remember sunscreen. No matter how tan you are you will always need a little bit of it to protect you from the sun's rays!

2. Bring water to keep yourself hydrated.

3. A towel or blanket never hurts.

4. Sunglasses for a really sunny day!

5. Some magazines or a book to catch up on your daily fashion.

6. & Wear the cutest bathing suit you have!!

& the most important thing to remember? Is to have FUN!