Saturday, August 27, 2011

Are You Ready?

When getting ready for college I recommend visiting your top choices before you apply.
Don't be the one to apply & be accepted to your first choice if you don't know what its like.

This weekend is my trip to my last 2 colleges on my list.
The Art Institute of Charlotte
The Art Insensitive of Pittsburgh

There is our plans for our roadtrip from Grand Rapids Michigan:
Leave Sunday @ 7 in the morning
Arrive at Virginia & Stay the night
Leave Monday morning for Charlotte
Meeting @ Charlotte at 12
Leave for Pittsburgh at 3
Stay in Pittsburgh for the night
Tuesday Meeting @ Pittsburgh at 12
Leave for mall @ 3
Then Steubenville Ohio to see BOBBY!!
Then Stay the night in OH
Leave Wednesday morning 

A few days this week i'm spending in the car, 
But I will post pictures as the days go on (:

Going Away Gifts!

So in my previous blog, its about saying goodbye to my boyfriend.
The boyfriend I love to spoil, & I couldn't let him leave without a gift box!
This box is for all the memories we have made & future gifts/letters we send.

The box all tied up so he wont open it early.

The Box Opened

Now here are some of the individual gifts inside.
His favorite thing a new Frisbee

Next some movies for when he's bored
Limitless, Harry Potter, & The Hangover

A Picture frame of us for his desk

Some gum for the whole year

Now he needs some of his favorite snacks

Some mints when he needs to calm his nerves

His favorite kind of sucker
Mango Dum Dum suckers

He loves smoking Cigars so I bought him 3
With a humidifier, a cutter and a baggy to keep them fresh

My favorite chapstick for winter time

Now for the big important gifts
First is plane tickets to come home for homecoming

& Last but not least in the box is a scrapbook I made
New way to making a scrapbook is on photoshop
Quick and fast.

That's all the gifts that I ended up butting in his going away gift box
But I spoil this kid so I had to make him a joke gift

My idea was so that he will always remember me
So I made him a goodnight pillow

& Some cookies for the road

So that's all he got for now.
If you need any ideas on your own boyfriend or friend going away,
Just contact me & I will help you out.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Never say goodbye!

My heart is aching & the tears keep coming.
Last night was the last time I got to see my boyfriend for awhile as he makes his journey to college.
A college 8 hours away from me. A place where he can get a good education.
Oh how I will miss you. Your kisses, hugs, smile and laughs.
I appreciate every moment we have spent together.
Since August 1st 2010 to now.
We have been dating for one year now & I can't wait to see you again.
My countdown begins, 45 days till I get to see you. HOMECOMING!

Thank you for always being there for me! You are the only one that I will ever truly love.
Your the first person who I have loved so much.
Your my best friend.
& I will always love you.
Together forever!

I will look at the promise ring you gave me every time I miss you.
The heart means love, hands mean friendship & faith, and the crown means loyalty.

Your Forever Love

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My new obsession

I have a new obsession!

In one of my previous blogs I told you about
But over the past two weeks I can't stop buying new & adorable stuff from them.
Here are some things that have caught my eye.

Now everything with a star next to the title of the image,
 I have already purchased or now own!

I'm a photography so keep in mind that most of it involves photography,
or zebra! (:

 Vintage Macbook Pro Laptop Case
 Nerd Herder Wallet**
 Holds all my gadgets
 Business Card Holder [Outside]**
 Inside with different fabric
 Canon Camera Bag**
 Vintage Camera Necklace (1)**
 Vintage Camera Necklace (2)**
 Vintage Camera Ring
 Checkbook holder
 Camera Lens Cap holder**
& Last but not least
Lens Luggage, holds small & large lens

So now that my obsession grows with this website i'm finding more and more things.

Check out the website its AWESOME!

Grand Haven!

Vacations can be so much fun, Time relaxing & hanging out with friends.
I spent the last two weeks in Grand Haven, Michigan.
Just across the street from the state park or also known as the beach.

I had a hard time packing but I will show you how my vacation went in pictures!

Day 1:
 Was all packed & ready to go
 We had our own space in our room
This is where I slept
Our cottage is called Memories (:
I loved watching sunsets!

 I took way to many photos over the 2 weeks but these are my favories
I love Grand Haven's Pier!
 Got a visit from the boyfriend.
 He had fun with the sign he found "Honk For Us"
He is so adorable, I love taking pictures of him.
 The Carnival for Coast Guard was loads of fun as well.
I loved this new fish project they had going on, all stores designed their own.
Can you tell which kind of store designed this fish?
We had a good night visiting the Getty Drive In Theater Friday night.
Watched a scary movie. Final Destination 5!
It's a must see for all of those who are into bloody horror movies!
My first drive in movie. Loved it & loved how old fashioned it looked.
Reminded me of Grease (: 50's!
The old speaker boxes to hear the movie. Now a days you can hear it through a certain radio station from your car. 4 Different screens, 4 Different Movies,  4 Different Radio Stations.

I had a blast these last few weeks, spent some time with the family, friends and even my boyfriend.
I loved every moment of it.
From the crazy first week of Coast Guard.
To my mellow & chill week the 2nd week of August.

& now i'm home and already unpacked.
Can't wait to sleep in my own bed!