Thursday, December 1, 2011

Touched so many hearts

How come when I use a photo that tears me apart to look at, I win the most scholarships off of? 
I have won a total of 3 scholarships off of this one photo from last summer, 
and I entered my portfolio [all 50 images] into 12 different contests, 
and out of all the images they always pick this one 
and the essay that went along with it? 
I put my heart and soul into that 800 word essay and
I thank the person who happen to be in the photograph
If it wasn't for the love I have for you
I would not be getting these amazing scholarships.
I will always love you..

Comments on the photo I got: 
"The essay made the emotion in this photo so more realistic, we felt your pain, your passion and your love for this photograph. Excellent work." -President of The Art Institutes

"I could not help but read this essay over and over again, trying to over come the amounts of tears that our admissions board shed for you while they read the essay allowed." - Secretary of Admissions

"This image has touched more than just the Admissions staff, it touched our teaching staff as well.
We have put this essay and photograph in our art gallery and it has gotten so many
compliments from, people who walk into the school, students,
RA's, and many more. We are proud and excited to welcome you aboard
to the AI Pittsburgh team. We can't wait to have you come July." - Head of Admissions

The photograph I entered:
Soon I will post the essay as well

Sunday, November 27, 2011

My new photography obsessions

My new obsession in photography has bee

& Much more

 Designed with my favorite thing=Photography

 Asking someone to marry you?

 Holiday cupcakes

The images below are items I made
and photographed myself:

I love taking pictures of these items, food is awesome!
More experiences to come.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Future Boards!

Future Boards are made to represent what you want in your future.

If something dramatic happens in your life,
like a death or a breakup or a divorce.
& it throws your mind off course this is what you should do.

It makes you focus on the good things in your future & not the bad
in the past.
You should print out AS MANY PICTURES AS POSSIBLE.
& glue them onto a large size poster board.
Representing everything you want in the future.

For me I have,
The art institute of Pittsburgh
My own studio
My own camera collection
Travel the world
Visit somewhere new each year
Americas next top model photographer
Nigel barker
Allure & vogue magazine
My wedding reception
Wedding Ring
My Wedding photo-shoot
A car
A house
& A family.

My whole thought process was what do I want my life to end up to be like,
and that's what I put on my board.

Here it is:

Now lets see yours!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Who wants to be a Teen Mom?

Who Wants To Be A Teen Mom?!

Hope everyone's answer is no.
My school offers a class called Child Psych.
The main project of this class is to take home a "robot computer" baby.
It cries and wants things like a real baby.

My first thought was oh this is gonna be so easy.
I was wrong, constantly getting up in the night, feeding it for hours.
Crying all the time, I never got a break.

The time it start was Friday @ 3 and shut off Sunday @ 3!
A whole 48 hours with this baby.

It was a great way to say be safe when having sex, because you don't wanna end up 
with this baby the rest of your life!

Well he was a cute baby.
I named him Liam Robert Eggleston.
Last name after my boyfriend.

He was pretty cute, I hated feeding him tho.

& we even got him his own crib (actually my old crib from forever ago)

So now when you think of this question, Your answer better be NO!

Because you do NOT want to go through changing your life for a new born baby.


Friday, September 2, 2011

School is almost here!

The school year is about to start & It's probably gonna go by so fast for me!
Senior's Class of 2012
This is our year (:

Well are you ready for school?
Some ideas to help you get ready for the school year.

1. A comfortable backpack

2. Notebooks for each class needed

3. Pens/Pencils/Sharpies
& A pencil case to hold all of your extra stuff

4. Agenda's to remember all of your homework assignments

5. Lunch if you pack your own & bring it to school

6. Stay organized & school and @ home.

7. Study hard & get good grades!

8. Never forget your books!

& Last but not least enjoy school (:
P.S. Don't miss the bus!

Have Fun; 2011-2012
Congratulations to the seniors of Class of 2012

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Are You Ready?

When getting ready for college I recommend visiting your top choices before you apply.
Don't be the one to apply & be accepted to your first choice if you don't know what its like.

This weekend is my trip to my last 2 colleges on my list.
The Art Institute of Charlotte
The Art Insensitive of Pittsburgh

There is our plans for our roadtrip from Grand Rapids Michigan:
Leave Sunday @ 7 in the morning
Arrive at Virginia & Stay the night
Leave Monday morning for Charlotte
Meeting @ Charlotte at 12
Leave for Pittsburgh at 3
Stay in Pittsburgh for the night
Tuesday Meeting @ Pittsburgh at 12
Leave for mall @ 3
Then Steubenville Ohio to see BOBBY!!
Then Stay the night in OH
Leave Wednesday morning 

A few days this week i'm spending in the car, 
But I will post pictures as the days go on (: