Saturday, November 5, 2011

Future Boards!

Future Boards are made to represent what you want in your future.

If something dramatic happens in your life,
like a death or a breakup or a divorce.
& it throws your mind off course this is what you should do.

It makes you focus on the good things in your future & not the bad
in the past.
You should print out AS MANY PICTURES AS POSSIBLE.
& glue them onto a large size poster board.
Representing everything you want in the future.

For me I have,
The art institute of Pittsburgh
My own studio
My own camera collection
Travel the world
Visit somewhere new each year
Americas next top model photographer
Nigel barker
Allure & vogue magazine
My wedding reception
Wedding Ring
My Wedding photo-shoot
A car
A house
& A family.

My whole thought process was what do I want my life to end up to be like,
and that's what I put on my board.

Here it is:

Now lets see yours!

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