Thursday, July 14, 2011

New baby!?

So this week was a long week for me & I haven't had the chance to blog yet!
First off we welcomed a new baby into the family, Miss Ainsley Margaret Port
So adorable!
Enjoyed seeing her in the hospital

Second my 18th birthday was Tuesday July 12th

I spent most of my day at camp designing this years yearbook
since i'm editor this year (:
"The Skyliner Sweet Shop" is the theme:
A Baker's Dozen
A little girly but its really cute!

After camp a bunch of friends & I decided to celebrate to a birthday dinner
@ my dad's restaurant Downtown Trini's
Amazing Mexican food!

This is my dad, Whom I barely see
Of course they sang happy birthday to me with a sombrero on my head 
Thanks to pete I wasn't alone!
Birthday wouldn't be complete without my #1 person in my life, my boyfriend!

So overall its been a good week
I have loads of stuff coming your way!
So enjoy all of this summer weather (:

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