Friday, July 29, 2011

5 Things!

This week has been an extremely busy week for me, with packing and getting my house ready to be used for the next few days. I'm going on vacation for the next two weeks.
See the thing is, is that it's my favorite place in the world. GRAND HAVEN!
Beach, Coast Guard week, crazy drunk people, Carnival & Fireworks.
All those fun things plus much much more. So week 1 is all about fun & having a good time.
Week 2 is gonna be my mellow week before I go back to school.
Getting ready to relax & have a great time.

Here are some of my packing in the process.
{ Toiletry Hanger Ready }
{ Suitcase almost fully packed! }

Here are some things to get my through this mess
{ Some new picked flowers }
{ A picture frame of me & my boo }
{ My Camera bag that never leaves my side, along with 2 lens }
{ My very first Frisbee game to support my boo }
{ & some decorated ice cream to make my day }

Now I'm ready for my long two weeks of relaxation & some fun. 
Now time to finish packing.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Senior Pictures

So today I took Kevin Knight's Senior pictures
A senior @ East Kentwood High School

Haven't had a chance to edit any yet but here are some raw images (:

Had a great time shooting them, thanks for being such a great sport!
Loved all the outfits & ideas he had.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New baby!?

So this week was a long week for me & I haven't had the chance to blog yet!
First off we welcomed a new baby into the family, Miss Ainsley Margaret Port
So adorable!
Enjoyed seeing her in the hospital

Second my 18th birthday was Tuesday July 12th

I spent most of my day at camp designing this years yearbook
since i'm editor this year (:
"The Skyliner Sweet Shop" is the theme:
A Baker's Dozen
A little girly but its really cute!

After camp a bunch of friends & I decided to celebrate to a birthday dinner
@ my dad's restaurant Downtown Trini's
Amazing Mexican food!

This is my dad, Whom I barely see
Of course they sang happy birthday to me with a sombrero on my head 
Thanks to pete I wasn't alone!
Birthday wouldn't be complete without my #1 person in my life, my boyfriend!

So overall its been a good week
I have loads of stuff coming your way!
So enjoy all of this summer weather (:

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A VERY Zebra Birthday!

So this week Tuesday is my 18th Birthday!

But; Monday my aunt is having her baby.

So we decided to celebrate my birthday a little earlier.
3 days to be exact!
Saturday July 9th @ 5pm

I have been in love with Zebra print for years.
& as a joke we did a Zebra themed birthday.

Here are some pictures of the festivities:

The beginning stages of making a Zebra cake!

Final Product after I decorated it & everything.
*Note I used Cake Boss's Butter cream frosting. (:

When you sliced into the cake, that's what you got!
+ We had to have cupcakes for the little kids.

 A little camera because I <3 Photography + Turquoise.
 All of the cupcakes decorated
Added a little Zebra to each cupcake.

Now time for decorations:

Even my Candles were slightly Zebra:

& My gifts were too!!!!
Camera Case from Etsy & A wallet for camera stuff from Etsy (:
^ Above are some new lenses!
 ^Above my new Camera Bag
 ^My nerd herder wallet from Etsy.
Holds all of my stuff for my camera!

So in the end I had a fabulous birthday with my family & boyfriend.

So thank you to my family for all the amazing work you did & for making my 18th birthday extra Zebra special (:

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Working Day!

Another day of work; work; & more work!

Accomplished so much today but not enough to finish it before the end of August.

Yearbook stuff; Planner; Journal; Notebook & Notepad; Sketchbook; New book; Glasses; Scrapbook planner; Portfolio & Columbia College stuff (:

All packed up ready to go. It was way to nice to work inside so I traveled to my backyard & sat by the pool right in the sun! (:
It was a good day to work outside, it was to much stuff to carry by hand so I brought my favorite style snake skin dark pink tote bag.

Here is how I set up to organize my accomplishments:

So glad to get a day off to go shopping tomorrow to get more things done (:

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My 4th of July

I spent my 4th of July with the man I love (:
Made our way to East Grand Rapids for some night time fireworks.

Beginning plans were to set up in the park & go get some ice cream.

Well that didn't work out so well when we saw how long the line was.

So plan B, go to the D & W across the street and buy a quarter pint of ice cream & some spoons to eat it ourselves on our picnic blanket in the park while we wait.

Then we walked back to our picnic blanket & sat down to eat & chat before the fireworks started.

Here's a picture of us before the fireworks:

Love this kid to death!

Now can't wait for the 5 days I get to spend with him this weekend July 8th through July 12th.
In all the festivities to celebrating my birthday on July 12th!

More to come, so stay tuned (:

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Outfits

5 Simple Things:

1. Any top. Today I chose a flowery printed one. 
Forever 21
Front ^
A lace bottom ^
& A lace opened back.

2. Your outfit may need a nice summer cardigan to match your flowery top. 

 3. A headband of your choice. I chose a pearl headband with a big lace flower on the side. [To match my shirt]      From Icing

4. Some heels to spice up your outfit. With this outfit you could do black or brown heels.

5. To tie the heels in with the outfit add a nice bag to match.

Now this outfit that I picked out was weather appropriate. On a 87 Degree day the cardigan was only worn when I was in a colder location. [As in mall, movie theater, store, or house]

You can wear this outfit with shorts [that are longer], Capri's, or long skinny jeans/long flared jeans [just make sure the heels look okay with the ones you pick]

Stay tuned for more summer outfits coming your way!

Monte Carlo!

This movie starring Selena Gomez; Leighton Meester; & Katie Cassidy.

A movie Three young women vacationing in Paris find themselves whisked away to Monte Carlo after one of the girls is mistaken for a British heiress.

The movie brought $3.1 Million dollars to the box office on Friday. (the day of the premier)

Here are some clips from the movie:

It is a must see movie! It reminds me of when I was young watching the first ever Lizzie Mcquire movie!
The movie shows love, family/friendship, passion, & a helping hand.
After you watch this movie, you will defiantly want to save your money & take a trip through Paris!

Now check out your movie listings near you!
You wont regret it.