Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Outfits

5 Simple Things:

1. Any top. Today I chose a flowery printed one. 
Forever 21
Front ^
A lace bottom ^
& A lace opened back.

2. Your outfit may need a nice summer cardigan to match your flowery top. 

 3. A headband of your choice. I chose a pearl headband with a big lace flower on the side. [To match my shirt]      From Icing

4. Some heels to spice up your outfit. With this outfit you could do black or brown heels.

5. To tie the heels in with the outfit add a nice bag to match.

Now this outfit that I picked out was weather appropriate. On a 87 Degree day the cardigan was only worn when I was in a colder location. [As in mall, movie theater, store, or house]

You can wear this outfit with shorts [that are longer], Capri's, or long skinny jeans/long flared jeans [just make sure the heels look okay with the ones you pick]

Stay tuned for more summer outfits coming your way!

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