Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Who wants to be a Teen Mom?

Who Wants To Be A Teen Mom?!

Hope everyone's answer is no.
My school offers a class called Child Psych.
The main project of this class is to take home a "robot computer" baby.
It cries and wants things like a real baby.

My first thought was oh this is gonna be so easy.
I was wrong, constantly getting up in the night, feeding it for hours.
Crying all the time, I never got a break.

The time it start was Friday @ 3 and shut off Sunday @ 3!
A whole 48 hours with this baby.

It was a great way to say be safe when having sex, because you don't wanna end up 
with this baby the rest of your life!

Well he was a cute baby.
I named him Liam Robert Eggleston.
Last name after my boyfriend.

He was pretty cute, I hated feeding him tho.

& we even got him his own crib (actually my old crib from forever ago)

So now when you think of this question, Your answer better be NO!

Because you do NOT want to go through changing your life for a new born baby.


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