Sunday, August 14, 2011

Grand Haven!

Vacations can be so much fun, Time relaxing & hanging out with friends.
I spent the last two weeks in Grand Haven, Michigan.
Just across the street from the state park or also known as the beach.

I had a hard time packing but I will show you how my vacation went in pictures!

Day 1:
 Was all packed & ready to go
 We had our own space in our room
This is where I slept
Our cottage is called Memories (:
I loved watching sunsets!

 I took way to many photos over the 2 weeks but these are my favories
I love Grand Haven's Pier!
 Got a visit from the boyfriend.
 He had fun with the sign he found "Honk For Us"
He is so adorable, I love taking pictures of him.
 The Carnival for Coast Guard was loads of fun as well.
I loved this new fish project they had going on, all stores designed their own.
Can you tell which kind of store designed this fish?
We had a good night visiting the Getty Drive In Theater Friday night.
Watched a scary movie. Final Destination 5!
It's a must see for all of those who are into bloody horror movies!
My first drive in movie. Loved it & loved how old fashioned it looked.
Reminded me of Grease (: 50's!
The old speaker boxes to hear the movie. Now a days you can hear it through a certain radio station from your car. 4 Different screens, 4 Different Movies,  4 Different Radio Stations.

I had a blast these last few weeks, spent some time with the family, friends and even my boyfriend.
I loved every moment of it.
From the crazy first week of Coast Guard.
To my mellow & chill week the 2nd week of August.

& now i'm home and already unpacked.
Can't wait to sleep in my own bed!


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