Thursday, June 30, 2011

What are you allergic to?

Well I had my first allergy test today!
What an experience that was. 120 little needles poked me in my back today and about 40 on my arms, just to find out i'm only allergic to FISH! 
I don't like eating fish anyways; so why all the sudden does it bother me? Only shrimp or lobster which I found out today isn't considered a fish? Who knew!
The main reason is that my weakness is fried chicken. At fast food restaurants they fry their chicken & fish in the same grease/oil! That's why its been bothering me, The fish & chicken have been mixing!

Time to eat my fruits & veggies 24/7!! Goal to lose 10 pounds!

-No greasy foods
-No fried foods

Wish me luck! 

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